Employees Tech Matrix Company Branding & Tech managment cloud

Why CapabilityPAS for Startup/Corporate?

One Stop and low cost solution to know their employees tech matrix & company tech analytics.Get required Assessed Employee profiles & reduce recruitment cost. Get on spot low cost Architect or free lancing services from Assessed expert profiles

Startup/Corporate Perform Achieve Serve (PAS) process


Perform (P) - Add your comapny teams, Assessing the Employees by sending registration link, employee training, recruitment process.

Achieve (A) - Get quality employees, low cost recruitment, outsourced projects, On spot low cot solutions and architect solutions, free lancing to assessed profiles, Brand your Capabilties and skill matrix via Tech Identity Brand your Capabilties and skill matrix via Tech Identity.

Serve (S) - Provide the jobs, free lancing, share your knowledge.

Skill matrix and their percentage - It is based on percetail of the people assessed on that skill.

Features Earned by Corporate

  • Know your employees capabilties
  • Manage employee training
  • Branding your overall capabilties & skill matrix
  • Get low cost Architect solutions
  • Get free lancing services from Assessed profiles
  • Share your knowledge & earn branding
  • Grow yourself by outsourced projects and investments
  • Get assessed profiels & Manage end to end recruitment
  • Get private cloud for your company Skills management

Pick your Plan


Free of Cost

  • Basic Course Access
  • 20 videos
  • Video Assessment
  • No Certification
  • No Cloud Access
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$100 USD/Year

  • Limited Course Access
  • 200 videos
  • Video Assessment
  • Certifications
  • Limited Cloud Access
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$200 USD/Year

  • Advance Course Access
  • 1000 videos
  • Video Assessment
  • Certifications
  • Cloud Access
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