Target your Training Know Training outcomes

Why CapabilityPAS for Training Institute?

Target your training to Freshers/Employees/Startups/Corporate through accessing their Tech Identities and sending Referals for course Subscription. Manage online/offline courses end to end from susbcritpion, Training material, Course Assessment to Training certificates and outcome analytics

Perform Achieve Serve (PAS)


Perform (P) - Manage courses, Manage training referals/discounts, upload Training materials/assessment questions.

Achieve (A) - Mass scale subscriptions, targeting the needy based on the individal/comapny assessed Tech Identities, know your training outcome, Brand your Capabilties and skill matrix via Tech Identity.

Serve (S) - Share some of the training material to public, quality training for enhancing the skills of individual/companies.

Features Earned by Institutes

  • Know your training outcomes
  • Manage courses & their training materials
  • Manage training assessment & certificates
  • Branding your overall capabilties & skill matrix
  • Share your knowledge & earn branding
  • Manage referals/discounts for indivudal/company subscriptions
  • Get private cloud for your institue training courses

Pick your Plan


Free of Cost

  • Basic Course Access
  • 20 videos
  • Video Assessment
  • No Certification
  • No Cloud Access
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$50 USD/Year

  • Limited Course Access
  • 200 videos
  • Video Assessment
  • Certifications
  • Limited Cloud Access
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$100 USD/Year

  • Advance Course Access
  • 1000 videos
  • Video Assessment
  • Certifications
  • Cloud Access
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